User Interface


For a long time through it’s early designing process, the App was supposed to be called LoveCraft. However, that name focused too much on a Craft-beer side of thing, despite it’s goal to achieve the greatest balance between both beer and food. Also, LoveCraft may trigger some associations with XX horror fiction author, which was not intended at any point. At the end of the day, Yummi™ (a pun from „Yummy”) seemed like a perfect, catchy and modern name, that would fit perfectly to app’s theme, while still being universal and appetizing.


Similar to application’s name changes, Yummi™’s logo went through a real development struggle. Most of the ideas circled around beer-cap and heart, but finally I decided to sketch over a dozen different black-and-white logos, and let You vote. Some of my dream projects had to be rejected because they were a bit too similar to the existing ones. Ultimately, I decided to turn the capital „Y” letter into logo’s signet (using it’s resemblance to a bottle opener), crafting an extraordinary, minimalistic logo.

1-6: working logos

7: final logo

Color pallete

Ever since Yummi™’s idea was born, I’ve been desperate to establish some beer-hue reference while looking for Yummi™’s branding colors. Despite interviewees’ reception, I was confident about golden-yellow color that is always associated with beer. Two of the other branding colors include juicy pink called Food porn and muted, darker shade of green called Bottle green. The mix of those 3 colors is reminiscent of fresh food and cold beer, and is supposed to wet your mouth much like a good restaurant’s commercial.


It was a real treat to pick a perfect font for application like Yummi™ – on one side – bright colors, hand-drawn illustrations and wacky subject, on the other – I really wanted to elevate the idea of beer-food pairing as something important and attention-worthy. Manrope is a non-sheriff, minimalist and beautiful font with a nice gimmick – with a proper size and a default spacing, some letters (usually double „t”) blend together – much like a mind trick after having several yummy, cold beer pints.


The blend of a minimalist, gentle design with flashy colors and handmade drawings is difficult to utilize. I wanted to make Yummi™ look professional, very easy to use, yet still colorful and attractive. The same rules were applied to all the components that I created following the concept of Atomic Design.


Some of my inteviewees and test subjects were honestly interested in Yummi™, providing me with some new, cool and challenging ideas in which the app could evolve. I’ve been suggested with expanding the alcohol range to wines and distillates; adding world-span regions and locations, or even an option to recognize beer by scanning the QR code or EAN number on it’s label. Crazy, isn’t it? Time to get some beer.