Pairing Guide

Yummi™’s most basic matching network consists of 45 different beer & food pairing couples.

No hard feelings.

If you find Yummi™’s pairing proposals inaccurate or too shallow, we encourage you to look for some alternate – possibly more in-depth – sources of the same subject. Please remember, though, that the general rules are the same and the differences usually come from variety of dishes and beer styles. We highly recommend you to visit Delicious Magazine’s article about Best food pairings for beer or KombiKeg’s Ultimate Beer and Food Pairing Guide. Still not enough? Check out some infographic cards that we found floating around the web.

If you’re still not convinced, calm down, you’re not alone. Below you can find a video uploaded by the most acclaimed Polish Craft Beer expert who claims that sometimes there’s no much sense to food & beer pairing. And we find it difficult to argue with some of his blockbusters.