Market Analysis


Application stores are full of products ready to pair your favourite meal with any possible wine in the world. Frankly speaking, it’s easy to lost the count while surfing through GooglePlay and AppStore. Let’s mention Grape Base, Vinnie and DeliPair as the best examples. However, there’s been only one application that matches food and beer, called simply Beer and Food Pairing. Despite its maximum simplicity, the app doesn’t offer anything apart from the most basic functions you can think of: matching beer to food and vice versa. While the waste of potential was stunning, that gave me even more of an impulse to create much greater and improved version, that would eventually evolve into Yummi™.

Food and Beer Pairing App – Pros:

  • extreme simplicity
  • nice, friendly drawings
  • both-sides mirrored pairing (beer-2-food and food-2-beer)

Food and Beer Pairing App – Cons:

  • nothing beyond two of the options mentioned in Pros
  • very basic info about beer
  • rough and cheap looking interface
  • wasted potential
  • no settings and accessibility
  • no accounts allowed
  • inaccurate pairing choices