Your Own Beer & Food Pairing Guide

Yummi™ is a tasty Hybrid Mobile App High-Fidelity Prototype designed not only for BeerGeeks and Foodies, but also for everybody who enjoys fancy or minimalistic user interface.

Brief about us

What is Yummi™?

Yummi™ is my passion project that came to life by crossing several of my interests, most notably my love for graphic design, booming mobile industry as well as something we all know and love: good food and alcohol.

Today, craft alcohol industry is as big as ever. Although so-called Beer Revolution dates back to the 70s in the US, it was not until last decade when the DYI breweries evolved into a vast industry domain. The public awareness is anything like 20 years ago and today hardly anybody is surprised by a beer bottle priced as high as a bottle of wine or some distillate. Keeping in mind that my native country is considered amongst highest-quality craft beer producers in the world, I’m proud I was able to come up with the idea of filling the gap.

Yummi™ is an

App that You Need

Even though Yummi™ is only a prototype, which may or may not evolve into a real mobile app at some point in future, there are principles that remain the same no matter what stage the project is in.

Easy Layout

Your enjoyable experience with our product is the highest of all priorities.

Modern Look

Minimalistic and eye-candy interface is rich with tasty icons and beautiful photos.

Fast Messaging

All the Users have a chance to communicate with us and request their own pairings.

Quick Boostup

Faster than McDonald’s and lighter than 0% beer, you’ll run Yummi™ in a flash.

Battery Saver

Yummi™ is intended to be a small, energy-efficient software available also in dark mode.

Less Storage

Maximum-contained database and minimalistic design keeps Yummi™ tight.


User Feedback

Yummi™ is an extremely simple prototype that gives you everything your BeerGeek soul would ever desire. I wish it was a real app (free, of course).



As a non-drinker, I still enjoy Yummi™ thanks to it’s nice interface and consistent design. The prototype is so expanded it looks like an actual app!



Yummi™ really hits the right notes when it comes to alcohol and food pairing. It’s a must-have swag if you go for a bohemian lifestyle in a big city!


(App User)